Weekend Reading 3/24/12

Q: How many central bank economists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Just one — he holds the light bulb and the whole earth revolves around him.

Gee, no one saw this coming. A technical recession in the eurozone?

So that’s how it happened…The SEC Rule That Broke Wall Street.

There’s something happening here…What the Heck is Happening with the VIV and VXX? …what it is ain’t exactly clear.

“I’m a walking economy,” a man was overheard to say. “My hairline’s in recession, my waist is a victim of inflation, and together they’re putting me in a deep depression.”

Okay, if that tune is still stuck in your head… For What It’s Worth!

These 52 Stocks Will Win From The Coming Massive Bull Market. Can I get a guarantee with that?

That’s incredible! Japanese fishing boat lost at sea in tsunami found off Canada.

Oh no, not today :-( Bats Global IPO Turns Ugly.

Another bubble! The Real Meaning of $1 Trillion in Student Loans.

“They say gasoline could be $6 a gallon. But the good news is the White House says President Obama is aware of the problem, and will continue to talk about it between fundraisers.” — Jay Leno

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