Weekend Reading 1/14/12

“The economy is so bad that the highest-paying job in town is jury duty.”

Amen, brother!!! Shut Your Mouth, War Is Hell

What recession? Atlantic City casinos post revenue gains for the first time since 2008.

C’mon inflation! Why Economists are Rooting for Inflation

What’s with the banks? Bank Stocks Popular Again?

Look out! It’s gonna blow! Markets are calm _ too calm. Why pros are spooked.

Interesting…Organized Crime Now ‘Italy’s No.1 Bank’

Election time: Now We Will See The Real Obama

Oh no! Not again! S&P Cuts Credit Ratings for Nine Euro Zone Nations

“2012 is supposed to be the year the world ends. Have you seen the national debt? If the world doesn’t end, we are so screwed.” — Jay Leno

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