Weekend Reading 11/5/11

“President Obama just announced a new student loan plan that will forgive debt after 20 years. Yeah, Obama said that forgiving debt is the most honorable thing someone can do. And then he repeated that in Chinese.” — Jimmy Fallon

Smells fishy? Corzine and regulator worked together at Goldman.

And does it really matter? Why the MF Global Crisis Matters More Than You Think: 3 Key Lessons.

He forgot! Corzine Forgot Lessons of Long-Term Capital

Who’s the biggest economy in the world? The Shadow Superpower.

This is interesting also: It’s a buyer’s market for bad loans.

Oh, c’mon now… The Lindsay Lohan Indicator: Do Stocks Really Surge When She’s In Jail?

College sucks anyways….College has been oversold!

“There Are Only 10 Types of People in the World: Those Who Understand Binary, and Those Who Don’t.”

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