Got Oil?

With oil so much in the news, I would think that it should be hitting bottom soon…say, $70 maybe? I don’t trade the crude oil futures, so like I said a couple days ago, I’ve added USO UCO into the watchlist….I even nibbled a bit on UCO already. It looks like $10 has been a resistance/support area before.

Here’s a note on USO: Is This Oil ETF Ready For a Bounce? USO

After doing my scans this evening I see a lot of “evening star” setups, which generally means those particular stocks are going down. On the other side, I also found a greater number of hammers, looking for a reversal up on those stocks. Of course, as in all candlesticks signals, we need confirmation in the next candle, no matter which direction you think they may go.

Futures this evening are looking tired with ES down 6 points and YM down 60 points, and oil futures just about where they closed Friday. I went into the weekend on the long side, but in very small positions of UCO SSO and C. Remember, for the past year a down Friday is followed by an up Monday. :mrgreen:

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Happy trading and I’ll see you in the market!

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